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A Comprehensive Web-Based Data Navigation and Analysis Application

EconoStat is a Web-based data navigation and analysis application that provides subscribers with the most up-to-date, easy access to historical economic and socioeconomic time-series data. Continuous data evaluation and validation checks guarantee timely, accurate, and prompt data delivery. Historical revisions and changes to units of measurements, base years, definitions, and reporting criteria are implemented as they become available.

EconoStat allows you to focus on data analysis without the added concern of data accumulation and evaluation, thereby increasing your productivity. The ease of use and simple navigation give fast and reliable access to accurate data.

Data Manipulation

EconoStat provides easy access to time-series data by either using the TSETools Excel® add-in or by accessing the EconoStat Web interface.

Use the functions in the dropdown list to perform calculations and data updates, draw graphs, edit formats, and activate the Help function.

Data Access and Manipulation

  • Navigation: Easy-to-use dropdown menu within the Web interface to locate the publication and data series required
  • Search: Do a keyword or a code “search” to “Search”: Do a keyword or a code search across multiple data banks
  • Quick views: Get a preview of the selected data series with a graph on the last 10 data points (option to expand)
  • Data retrieval: Define output variables—time, orientation, or output type (Excel, browser)
  • Calculations: Use TSETools to perform calculations at the point of data extracting
  • CALC: Define your own calculations, which will be updated with the normal data update
  • SKIP: Your own defined calculations or text inserted into this column is not affected by data updates
  • Data updates: Select specific data sets to update or run a bulk update across multiple worksheets
  • Highlight changes: Upon data updates, any changed values or additional data points are highlighted


EconoStat contains economic and socioeconomic time-series data from a wide spectrum of sources for different frequencies. Navigation is simplified by arranging data series to correspond to the layout of the physical publications.

Examples of South African Databanks:

  • Abstract of Agricultural Statistics - Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
  • Detailed trade statistics - SARS Customs and Excise
  • Mineral production and sales – Department of Mineral Resources
  • Monthly vehicle sales - NAAMSA Flash Results
  • Preliminary trade statistics - SARS Customs and Excise
  • Price and Index Pages - Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa (SEIFSA)
  • Property indices - ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Lightstone
  • South African Reserve Bank general macroeconomic indicators
    - Quarterly Bulletin, Banks Supervision, NFA
  • Statement of the National Revenue, Expenditure and Borrowing
    - National Treasury
  • Statistical releases from StatsSA
  • Miscellaneous financial and other economic indicators

Examples of International Databanks:

  • Developed economies and emerging markets data
  • Foreign exchange data
  • International financial statistics and World economic outlook – IMF
  • OECD main economic indicators
  • World Bank economic and development indicators

Graphing Functionality

The TSETools graphics function offers a convenient and easy way to create and maintain graphs within Excel. By making charts that auto-expand, updated data tables will be reflected in the linked graph. Charts are exported in standard picture format and can be imported into other applications, such as Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint®.

Importing charts into other applications simplifies the process of writing reports or presentations. Once a template is created, the exported Excel graphs are updated automatically within the other applications upon opening the file.

Graphing Capabilities:

  • Create graphs in a new sheet
  • Append series to existing graphs
  • Export multiple charts by using the Bulk Export function
  • Auto-expand: Make chart auto-expanding to reflect added data points
  • Automation: Import and link graphs and tables to other applications, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, to refresh with the latest data
  • Excel: Use normal Excel functionality to customise graphs